Media Journal 1

Shania McGee

Media Journal 1


  1. Name: Shelia McGee
  2. Born in the 60’s
  3. Born and raised in Hughes, AR
  4. Logistics Leader at Quest Diagnostics
  5. She is my best friend and fabulous mother
  6. We met for this assignment at our home.
  7. Her favorite media is television, the internet (YouTube) and magazines
  8. On a normal day she will watch the news, scroll through various YouTube videos and communicate on her cell phone (which she hates)
  9. Watching their only television in her household on weeknights was always a treat that she loved. It was located in the living room and she and her siblings were only allowed to watch it for an hour or two at a time.
  10. The aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s death, 9/11, space shuttles exploding upon liftoff, the election of President Obama, our first Black president (which I am also proud to say that I witnessed this as well).
  11. My mom feels that my siblings and I would be a lot worse off than she and my dad without today’s technological advances and media because they do not rely on what it brings like we do. They have not always had it so it would be easier for them to adapt without it once again, compared to peers my age.
  12. My parents aren’t very computer-savvy aside from common programs and websites so I would like to think that I can navigate the computer a bit better than they can, so in turn they choose not to use them. I do not use social media aside from my academic twitter page, however I feel as if it all is generally the same. If you can work one, you can work them all, those being: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Skype, Myspace, Snapchat, etc. I however, do not read as much as my parents nor as much as I should so they definitely have me beat there, whether it is an online article or the daily newspaper.
  13. Yes I do like to look around just to get different standpoints on various situations and happenings around me.
  14. It affects it because you are only engaging yourself in what you choose to. You are filtering what is supposed to be the raw truth. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t make it any less true or real, it just makes you blind.
  15. It makes me different as far as what I am exposed to. Not that they aren’t, but if I expose myself to potential trash media then I will always have those experiences and at the very least views. Now whether I choose to let those affect my opinions and decisions is my own decision. I just feel that older generations don’t “play into the hype” of so much pointless media and focus on what matters in the world, which in my opinion, is something that I wish I did less of. But at the end of the day, it’s all just opinion anyway.
  16. I do not think that it affects my values or morals at all. Even though I am open to learn and hear different views, I am firm in my beliefs value-wise.
  17. No surprises here, I talk with my mom very often and nothing that she has stated has taken me by surprise. But it was fun.

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