Media Journal II

Media Journal II

During these last 21 days of recording every waking moment of my media consumption I have become aware of the fact that whenever I am free I generally just listen to music, which takes up a LOT of my spare time. My consumption seemed to peak on days that I’m off work and trying to find something to do for the two 2-hour breaks that I have between my Monday and Wednesday classes. When I work early, I seldom ever do much more than have a few phone calls and listen to the radio when driving. I have also noticed about mid-ways in that I decreased my media consumption out of laziness for the sake of this assignment. I do not use social media other than to tweet for class, however I do appear to be a music-lover though. These conclusions lead to believe that I do keep in contact with my family and loved ones, as I always try to speak with them throughout the day. I engage in conversation with many people but I only have a few friends that I speak with outside of school. Judging by the “back-and-forth” motions I recorded, one can clearly see that I live pretty close to campus, as it seems that I am constantly driving back and forth from class while blaring my radio. I tend to listen to my job’s radio, because they do have somewhat of a PR radio for guests. I am a waitress, so I am always “plugged-in” in one way or another. From this assignment, it is not clear what my hobbies are, as they are not media-related. I like to paint, do yoga at our local gym, garden and write poetry. I do tend to read poetry quite often, but I did not often for these last 21 days.

As far as being “plugged-in” and actually having to document it, I cut down on my media consumption so that I would not have to record as much because that can become exhausting! It can also be concluded that I like to call my Mom and boyfriend a lot in between classes, because it all just times out perfectly to where we all can talk for a little while. I mentioned earlier that I find it hard to find something to do sometime during those 2-hour breaks, so a lot of the times I like to just nap. Napping is also one of my hobbies, you can never get too much rest.

I would have to say that my media consumption peaks on my off days from work. Since I do work about 35-40 hours a week, work tends to take up a lot of my time. So when I am off work, it’s a bit difficult to find things to do that don’t require a lot of money. Anyone can go shopping or do any other activity that requires money, but I do not have the funds to do so. I get so used to work filling the void that other times often feel “boring.” I have a few friends and a boyfriend who help with taking up time too as well as family but everyone works different schedules. That is why I love my alone time, to really get to sit and think.

Since I am constantly ripping and running during my work hours, I am never using my phone, computer or anything personally media-related. There is a television that is always on over the bar at my job but we seldom ever get to stop, watch and enjoy it. We do however have a Pandora radio that is always echoing throughout the dining room and it does help that it plays “today’s music” as well as other classics. And it does help that cell phone use is prohibited while on the clock too.

I have definitely learned a lot about myself and where my time goes over these last couple of weeks. Too much of anything is not good for you and I am glad that I was physically able to see where my time is being spent and areas that I need to improve on. I now am aware that I spend entirely too much time listening to someone else’s thoughts on the radio and at times, not enough time listening to my own. I am grateful for a job that I have a job that forces me to “unplug” so that I am able to say that I do not just sit around on my phone and Instagram all day and I am happy that I see my patterns so that I can break old ones and create new ones. This assignment was a pain! However, I am glad that we did it.


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