Questioning the Media: Cinco

Q: How do magazines appealing to men and women differ from each other? What do the articles in each tell you about the audiences? Are these magazines getting more alike or more different over time? What accounts for the change, or lack of it, in a magazine’s content over the years?

A: Your typical women’s magazine will contain classic womanly articles pertaining to makeup, beauty, apparel, etc. You will see some “girl talk” chat threads and the occasional juicy gossip on who knows and what for. Advice columns probably speaking on relationships and maybe some home décor tips. Oh, and food. Lots of food spam and recipes. DIY projects, things of that nature.

On the other hand, your typical men’s magazine usually contain at least three if not all of these general components: sex, money tips, sex, some sort of gym workout, women’s “sexual secrets” that they don’t tell men, images of food, sex tricks that “drive women crazy,” maybe a random cologne sample, images of the latest men’s fashion and a little bit more sex talk.

The articles target the macho-man, or at least someone who aspires to be him and the cute, fashion-forward and confident woman, and the girls who are on their way to mirror her. I believe that these magazines are slowly becoming similar because the stereotypical “gender roles” are beginning to grey more and more every day. I like wood working while my brothers like decorating. There’s nothing strange about this, anymore. I can dig it.

Image result for womens magazines cartoons

Image result for womens magazines cartoons

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Image result for mens mag cover


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