Questioning the Media: Cuatro

Q: Should parents be able to get books removed from school libraries or reading lists because they find ideas or languages in them objectionable? What arguments can you make for or against this?

A: No. Absolutely not. Don’t like it? Don’t look, but it’s there and you can’t, nor should you want to, shelter your child from the world. Especially if the text can be beneficial to one’s knowledge of history, such as the fictional tale of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. There was controversy, much later after the text was printed, over the use of the n-word. Some, critical of the text, said that is should’ve been revised and “censored” a bit to make it easier to read, I’m assuming to a younger audience. Newsflash people, the n-word is a word that was used during that time. Its not a nice word nor do I agree with the use of it, but it happened y’all. You cant censor history and erase the parts of it that you don’t like. It does not work like that, once you forget something you repeat it. That word has a very deep-rooted pain and story behind it. Just like other happenings and languages. They cannot be erased, then you’re simply left with ignorance. And that is never a good idea. Yes, I just began a sentence with the word “and.”

Image result for censoring history cartoon

Image result for censoring history cartoon


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