Questioning the Media: Dos

Q: Can you come up with a recent example of someone publicly making the argument that “the media” have powerful direct effects on people? How would you respond to his or her arguments?

A: Our soon-to-be mistake, ahem, president Donald Trump would often speak about the election being rigged, essentially hinting to all of his supporters to mistrust any information other than that of what he is telling them. That is, unless the votes pan out in his favor, then it may not be so “rigged” after all. He spoke often about how the election was rigged and even tweeted about “the media” as a whole rigging the election! I think that he spews nonsense and at times, bites off more than he can chew. Or maybe he doesn’t think before he speaks? Maybe he believes his words to be true? Either way, those are some pretty heavy accusations and I cannot get down with that, or him.

Image result for media affecting opinions cartoon


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