Questioning the Media: Seis

Q: How do you get your news? Do you read a newspaper, go to a legacy media site online, watch television, or listen to the radio? What advantages do you experience from using this news source? What is the downside of relying on that source?

A: Usually to get my news I will either watch the news via the television or read the newspaper. I will also research topics on the web but only after I have heard about them from either other people or seen happenings broadcasted on news stations. I believe that keeping my sources broad and across the board meaning locally and nationally (not internationally, I am ashamed to say) that I can keep a pretty wide view on what is going on around me. However, since I am only focusing on what is going on within my country, a rather small space occupied on the large world map, I am completely oblivious to the mayhem and historical moments going on across the world. I’m trying to get my sh*t together, one of these good ole’ days.

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