Questioning the Media: Siete

Q: How do personal music players, such as smartphones, iPods, and Walkmans, change how we interact with people? Does walking around with headphones on isolate us from each other? Do you use your headphones or earbuds to keep people at a distance?

A: All of these devices indeed isolate us from what’s going on around us and other people. We are in our own heads, listening to our “personal playlist” that no one else can hear. I used to use headphones to keep people at a distance and make myself appear unapproachable, purposefully. Why? You can literally use these devices any time of the day, why do it when you have the chance to physically interact with people and engage in priceless conversations with people who’s presence you enjoy? Or even a complete stranger that can teach you something, because you can learn something from everyone. We, as a whole, need to return back to being more present. We’re losing it. In more ways than one. From now on, wherever you are, be all there. 100%  We need a course over the appreciation of the little things that we deem insignificant but are the most taken for granted. Like human interaction, books, communication, sensation, the free time that we become so “bored” with so quickly, ya mama, everything.

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Image result for too many ipods cartoons


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