Questioning the Media: Tres

Q: Who do you believe controls the media? What evidence do you have of their influence? Has this chapter changed your understanding of who runs the media?

A: I believe that a few, different, privately-owned companies control the BULK of the media we see, but we, the inhabitants of the country we live in ARE the media. We control what happens and how it happens, in a way. You cannot stop a journalist or photographer from catching what’s happening in front of them. I see crazy and questionable happenings occur all of the time right in the city that I live in and just because I’m not able to send them to the local news station doesn’t mean that they don’t happen. Those who have the money to print and televise can control what they print and televise. Even though the whole story isn’t always captured and told, it happened. Essentially, we see what they (the big-buck private companies) want us to see until we take our blinders off. Gotta’ take those shades off and see the world for the shmorgishborg of colours that it is. It’s not just black and white.

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Image result for who controls the media cartoon


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