Questioning the Media: Uno

Q: Are you a media multitasker? Do you watch a single program from beginning to end, flip from channel to channel looking for something interesting, or watch two shows at once? Do you go online to chat about the show as you watch it? Could you even watch a single show from beginning to end without any other media? How does media multitasking enhance your experience?


A: Yes, I would consider myself a media multitasker. However, I do not take it as far as switching back and forth from channel to channel. Generally I do not have time to watch regularly-scheduled programs so I record them and watch them in my free time and because of this, I can usually fast forward through them, leaving no time to do much flipping through the TV guide. I have never gone online to chat about a show while it was on, but I am seeing it incorporated a lot more in shows these days and have considered it. Could I watch a single show from beginning to end without any other media? Yes. I don’t feel like that would be a difficult task to do. Finally, personally I do not think that multitasking enhances my experience in any shape or form. I scroll through my applications on my phone during commercials if I am not in the company of someone, but that is just because we have become accustomed to always being “plugged in” and therefore it keeps us occupied for the few minutes the show is on break. But seriously, its not that deep.

Yao- cartoon-multitasking


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